Land Rental Negotiations and Contracts

Green Solutions can help with your land rental needs by serving as a third party for basic cash rental contracts. In addition, Green Solutions can assist with “flexible” cash leases, shared rental contracts, and more.

Male farmer and agronomist using digital tablet while examining green corn plants in agricultural field
A combine harvesting soybeans at sunset

Custom Farming Arrangements

Custom farming is a popular alternative to leasing. Before you enter into an agreement, Green Solutions can help with negotiating fair custom rates between farm operators, as well as setting up multi-family farm machinery and labor arrangements.

Farm Financial Analysis

Green Solutions can help farm operators with balance sheet and cash flow preparation; and serve as a resource to community banks for financial consultation with farm borrowers.

And when its time, Green Solutions will assist your family with initial farm transition planning.

Plant growing on soil and graphs showing plant growth, the concept of plant growth. and the order of germination
old man checking ripe rice in autumn under sun shine

Grain Marketing Strategies

Mitigating potential risk starts with accurately calculating and understanding the cost of production and storage, thats where Green Solutions comes in. Green Solutions will walk you through the calculations and provide insight to various grain marketing strategies based on your situation and needs.